Hard Rock Hotel Davos – so much more than merely a place to stay!

We had a short break & wanted to explore somewhere totally new, not our usual typical tropical destination or a place saturated all over the online world, so we chose to head somewhere in the mountains for 4 days instead, to get a fresh air, a mix of relaxing and getting new different content! Continue reading “Hard Rock Hotel Davos – so much more than merely a place to stay!”

Paris Getaway with Utopian Hotels

You and me and sweet Paris. We could start in the enticing patisseries & boulangeries (bakeries), dancing through the city’s vibrant art streets, browsing classical bistros and designer boutiques, lounging around beautiful parks and gardens, looking good on the top of the Eiffel tower. How long are we going away for? How about forever?

…These were my initial thoughts when Utopian Hotels invited us for a trip to one of the most romantic world’s cities. Read on about our little love affair with the City of Light. Continue reading “Paris Getaway with Utopian Hotels”