Staycation: Stanley Oriental Hotel Hong Kong

To end our Hong Kong trip we were invited by the Stanley Oriental Hotel for a stay at their brand new short-stay residence in the south side of Hong Kong, Stanley Bay. After experiencing the fast-paced and tiresome lifestyle of chaotic Central Hong Kong felt as though we had travelled thousands of miles to a European seaside town. Craving bit of relaxation, we realised you don’t need to leave the island of Hong Kong to have the perfect seaside getaway. Neither of us had thought that HK is this diverse – read more if you are considering coming here. Continue reading “Staycation: Stanley Oriental Hotel Hong Kong”

Amalfi Coast & surrounding towns Travel Guide

The Amalfi Coast is a hugely popular tourist destination, especially in the summer, but thankfully, despite its popularity, it still looks very much in real life as it does in the movies. The dramatic scenery and enchanting towns with sensory bonanza gardens and restaurants that serve some of the best existing food. Imagine Rossini champagne, fresh ricotta cheese, local buffalo mozzarella, linguine with clams, seafood plates, piles of tiramisu and Limoncello to end with… It will make it hard to imagine ever leaving! Continue reading “Amalfi Coast & surrounding towns Travel Guide”

One of the top 10 things to do in the world! – COMPLETE CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL GUIDE

Really rarely, but then there are those moments when you don’t need a coffee to wake up. Cappadocia is one of them. A place where hotels are 100s and 100s of years old caves, where dozens of balloons fill up the sky in early mornings and where the whole town looks like outta fairytale. It blew us away!!  Continue reading “One of the top 10 things to do in the world! – COMPLETE CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL GUIDE”