Unforgettable stay in Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is one of those places you really have to see at least once in your lifetime! It is true paradise, and our visit to The Conrad Algarve was a dream come true for me.

We visited in October which is one of the best months to visit along with September, May and June to avoid the crowds and still enjoy a good weather.

During our stay we spent two nights in the Grand Deluxe King Room overlooking the gorgeous lush green surroundings, golf complex, palms and a private tennis court, and one night in the Roof Garden Suite. We were greeted with a fruit platter, sweets and sparkling wine (just chance or someone knew us well!) and in true 5 star service we had our own butler to contact if we needed anything. This 300 square meters “room” even had its own elevator to the parking and full private access, along with its own sauna and steam bath, pool, an open roof, walk-in closet, separate working space, giant terrace, one of my favs – bath tub that comes with a TV, and so much more. We were just amazed by all the artsy pieces in our suite, but mainly by the size of it all. Me and Uroš even played hide & seek here – Uroš had found me for the third time, I didn’t find him at all, haha!

On our first day, the manager Ricardo gave us a tour of the resort and explained us all about it. It’s the only Conrad resort in Europe and we felt it’s such a privilege to be here. We especially loved the story behind the extremely rare Portuguese flower, which was found here while they were building this place but they’ve had to cut it down in order to progress with construction. In order to keep a memory of it, they have now incorporated it into the carpets, walls, pictures… Besides that, there’s numerous art pieces exhibited to enjoy. Everything just feels so elegant.

Later this afternoon, we lapped up some sun, rested from our long trip and got our minds fully off at the Conrad Spa. We really loved how it was all about embracing a positive life and peacefulness. We had a sneak peak on the vast gym on the top with horizon views, however we said we’ll get back to it in the following days, as we didn’t feel the power to do pretty much anything this day. For lunch we headed to the Louro Restaurant, inspired by the Portuguese culinary. I had a nice Caesar salad with crusted chicken, and of course frozen Margarita, and Uroš had the most amazing Fish & Seafood Risotto with a local Beer. We’ve spent the evening chilling in our own private pool, during the sunset the staff lightened up the candles for us and it was only a good view to enjoy, watching the stars through our roof. We went to bed early this night.

The second day we got up quickly, breakfast buffet was probably the most incredible I have seen. We were spoilt for choice and plated up way too much food for our bellies. They have a juice station with at least 10 different options. They also had copious amounts of tropical fruits, cereals, pastries/breads, pancakes, an egg station, and a heap of other hot breakfast options. What I loved most is that they bring fresh, warm Pastel del Nata every morning to each table, which is a very typical and unique to Portugal dessert.

We had a fun activity planned for this day – it was fishing with local clam pickers. We actually had no idea what we were going to do. We arrived on the beach and they start pouring the salt. We’re standing there wondering what on earth are they doing. The next moment blew our minds. Watch the video to see why:


Added some garlic and olive oil, and it tasted wonderful! Not only the taste was surprisingly amazing, we loved that we had an opportunity to spend the day so differently. We felt this was such an authentic experience, giving us a chance not only to connect with life, seeing traditions and raw beauty, but also learn how to find clams and razor clams and how to catch them. It was such a fun day on the beach and we learned all about the beautiful Ria Formorsa’s riverbank’s biodiversity and history of Portuguese water dogs. The activity ended with a sampling of the delicious mollusks we’ve have caught that day. If you’d like to have the same experience, visit this site.

The rest of the afternoon we swam in the main pool right out the front of our room.

The third day I woke up to the most amazing smell of coffee. Uroš had prepared me a first dose – he knows I need couple to wake up and get me going by the mid day, hehe. We went for breakfast, very splendid as every day, with another cup of artsy coffee. We’ve stayed in this day, swapping sun loungers between Sereno pool and Dado pool, taking the hard decision of life, whether to drink Mimosa or Margarita, hehe. 🙂 The weather was incredible, calm breezes and the temperature was just perfect.

But really, we were just fooling around and making pics like this:

Sunset came and we found cabanas to sit and watch the sky glow in golden, orange and pink before our dinner.

The best part of it was that they light up the fire by the pool and the whole scenery was just unforgettable. See our short video:

On our final morning we got up for a gym session, it was hot but lots of fun. We really enjoyed all the fitness activities this resort offered as we love trying to keep fit while travelling. Followed by breakfast and quick swim, we headed to Louro with our sad faces because it meant one last seafood risotto. After lunch we caught up with some work and emails, sat down at Lago lounge to enjoy a selection of prime teas and patisserie delights, and wait for our VIP transfer to the airport. It was a sad day for us as we were leaving this heavenly place on earth.

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