One of the top 10 things to do in the world! – COMPLETE CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL GUIDE

Really rarely, but then there are those moments when you don’t need a coffee to wake up. Cappadocia is one of them. A place where hotels are 100s and 100s of years old caves, where dozens of balloons fill up the sky in early mornings and where the whole town looks like outta fairytale. It blew us away!! 


needed to take it all in


Even if you just come to stare at the lunar-scapes, be sure to bed down in one of Cappadocia’s cave hotels for an experience in 21st-century cavern dwelling. We have found Sultan Cave Suites while planning our itinerary. It was absolutely perfect, terraced above the village of Goreme with the best sunrise view. Rooms were excuisite too, decorated with beautiful Turkish artifacts; from handcrafted furniture and carpets to lovely bedding and wall decor. All original cave walls have been preserved and integrated into the room design.


There are so many view points in this city to be cave dwelling, you just might want to get lost like we did. Here are some stops that we suggest:

WATCH THE SUNRISE – Number 1 and most important thing is not to miss watching the sun rise along with 150 balloons that fill up the sky! Even if you are not a morning person, we promise you, this will make waking up at 5 AM perfectly okay in your book!!

TAKE A HOT-AIR BALLOON – Float over »fairy chimneys« and rocky outcrops of Cappadocia at dawn.

UÇHISAR – The natural rock citadel of Uçhisar is the tallest point in Cappadocia. Go there and you will have a magnificent and unrivaled view of the whole region from the castle perched above.

HIKING – Dusky-orange-and-cream rock valleys offer a unique hiking. We did the Red Valley in Ortahisar, Urgup. It served us with some amazing views. Sunsets were spectacular here, too! Make note: there is a real small entrance fee of 2 tl = 0,50 euro, but if you visit during the daylight it is free!

LOVE VALLEY – You can’t possibly miss the erotic erosion sight (rocks have been formed this way due to erosion of volcanic rock), so called Love Valley. Locals have named it this way due to the obvious reason.

SHOPPING – There is numerous small shops and seductive souks in Göreme where you can bargain for your favourite rug, cushion or ceramics! The colors will stay in your memories in a very strong way.

PEOPLE – Turkish people are not really a sight but they are an experience of itself!


Feast on mezes, doner kebabs, turkish delights and drink Çay (tea) in a tulip glass.


Scooter is the way to go! We rented it for 20 euro per day (you need to use your bargaining skills a lot) and we had a blast. We managed to cover every little corner of Cappadocia and we couldn’t have done it any other way.


Cappadocia is served by flights (Turkish Airlines, Sun Express or Pegasus) and buses from Istanbul multiple times daily so it couldn’t be easier! You will have to fly either into Kayseri or Nevşehir from Istanbul and return flights are super cheap too (under $80). Prior to your arrival in Kayseri, ask your hotel for a shuttle from the airport, so that when you land, you’ll have someone waiting for you.


Camera – you will want to capture those moments forever.


May or September – those months are still warm enough, but not to hot. We saw some photos of Cappadocia in the winter and it looked like a real fairytale, too, so you might even want to consider visiting then!

❥ Cappadocia has long held the #1 spot on our travel bucket list. How about you, what is your ultimate destination?

4 thoughts on “One of the top 10 things to do in the world! – COMPLETE CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL GUIDE

  1. Sandra

    Are special days when balloons 🎈 are flying? I was searching information at internet but I can’t find nothing about this. This is incredible that’s why I would like to know if I would like to go there I should choose a special date of my stay to see this 🙂



      Hi Sandra,
      The balloons go up pretty much every day, Cappadocia is known to be one of the safest places in the world for hot-air ballooning! You haven’t come across any information since this is a daily thing there, so don’t worry! Once there, you’ll be able to experience it. Make sure to go for cca. 3 days, since there are RARE days they ain’t flying! 🙂


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