Bottle of memories

If you’ve read our blog and followed us on Instagram long enough, you know by now that we collect memories like fools collect money.

For more than a year we’ve been on an endless adventure. Experiencing the world firsthand. Living a thousand lives.

Just… So many things have happened to us. We can’t possibly imagine not being able to capture those moments on our cameras and cherish them forever. Looking back, all the precious memories of warm people, harsh landscapes, heart-pumping good times come flooding back.

Even the not-so-good parts. You can imagine how draining traveling can sometimes be. Like that time in Lisbon when my flipflop’s strap broke on the climb down to one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, or when the water was super cold and I couldn’t get a good swim, or when we missed the flight and had to pay triple the money to get the next one, or that time when we ran out of gas in Ios and had to push our ATV to the nearest gas station. It was all still bloody good times! It’s all part of the experience.

But being on the road almost every day of the year, it has been a real struggle to sort all those memories and experiences – thousands of images, videos & thoughts started to pile up. Then we met TraveLibro. Created for travellers by travellers. Ever since we’ve made our accounts, Your Passport & Your Passage, we felt like we have finally put all our memories in one place. One simple social network. Like our own travel journals. Except we share them with other travellers. Which makes it even sweeter. Finally, we feel like we have sorted our madness of life and hell, we even have a new skill now – called organised! Almost as if the weight fell of our shoulders! Ever since, we have been organising all our trips, from departing to the places we stay at, all activities we do to our gastronomical experiences; our entire journey lives right in the app! Happy days!


Few other of our favourite things about the app:

  • being able to rate every location we log
  • being able to follow our fellow travellers and seeing the real story behind it
  • our journeys don’t disappear after 24 hours like Instagram stories
  • getting inspired and finding new hidden gems to explore

Check our journeys:


So, what are you waiting for? Long after the jet lag has faded, the memories remain. Go and set the world on fire with your memories! Download the app from here and make sure you come follow along our journeys, too, and sometimes have a good laugh about it! 🙂

PS.: Taking a trip through the memory lane… What’s your best memory and the story behind it?

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