It’s about the journey, not the destination – ROADTRIPPIN’ SLOVENIA

Last weekend we spent our days cruising Slovenia like there is no tomorrow. A less traveled wonder of the world or in other words »the heart of Europe«. Not only it has a word »love« in it (sLOVEnia) and even the name of the capital city Ljubljana is reminding of one another similar Slovenian word ljubljena which means beloved, it also has a vineyard road in shape of a heart. This country is just full of love! 

Previous weekend was real special to us as you guys were able to choose where we go and co-create our journey! It made us feel like we have you with us on this epic adventure! We began our trip in Ljubljana, picking up our brand new wheels – what we discovered along was that Zoe was really more of a golden girl that likes nature, just like us. Thanks so much to Renault for lending her to us this weekend, it was such an electric surprise!

At first you sent us out to the north of the country which is dominated by Alps. It was a wonderful journey through incredible mountain vistas. Logar valley served us with some stunning views.

Our second stop was Rogaška Slatina where we headed out to Jelenov greben to meet some of the cutest bambis!! We stopped here for a coffee and if you’ve got more time than us you should totally stop in Podčetrtek for a visit at Wellness Orhidelia, our personal favorite place to get pampered! If you decide to stay overnight, accomodate yourself in Apartments Sole.

We continued our trip towards Špičnik, the road that has a shape of a heart! Nowadays many commercials are filmed here.

Nearby lies the second biggest city in Slovenia, called Maribor. It boasts the oldest grapevine in the world which still bears fruit every year. Slovenian wines of today rank among the best in the world. So while you`re there you should snip a grape off like we did!

Since Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of water it was only logical to visit the Soča river. Truly one of nature`s gift to this country. No extra description is needed, see the photo below – straight out of the camera, not dyed, not edited, nothing.

Slovenia is also one of the richest in terms of forest. 58 % of Slovenian landscape is covered in it – only Finland and Sweden reach higher percentage in Europe and that puts it among the greenest in the whole world. We had the urge to explore that too and Zoe took us through some of the most amazing paths that even had natural tunnels!

To finish off our trip you sent us to the seaside! We came across this amazing viaduct Črni Kal that greeted our trip goodbye with the most dreamy sunset!

During our road trip we have received so many requests to visit one of Slovenia`s most famous visitor attractions – for sure you`ve seen it before – charming Lake Bled. We have visited Bled in the past, so please do check our blog post if you are eager to see and learn more about it!

It was such an extraordinary road trippin! We are so THANKFUL to all of you who participated in creating our journey – we hope there will be more of that in the future! We are also THANKFUL to Renault who gave us the opportunity to travel the distance in ECO way! We drove through such beautiful small towns, hiked deep lush forests, tasted some of the best wines in the world, played with bambis, got to breathe in all the fresh air and the views were thrilling all way long. Everywhere we went was so beautiful and verdant! This country is just one big steaming bowl of fun!

Zoe was the best part of our trip – we gave her a nickname ZOE-KOLOGICAL, because this white beauty fits right in to the green scenery of Slovenia. She enjoyed the time in nature with us. And, oh, how she goes!! We did more than 500 eco km in total in our extended weekend trip! Seeing this number roll around called for pulling over and high-fiving! We charged her just once in total, it was so easy! The saying »it’s about the journey, not the destination« can be so true if you let it happen.

PS.: See more of our trip’s highlights here.

Also, we are sooo excited because our very first drone video is posted!!

❥ Go that extra mile.. Or you ll never know what lies behind the horizon. Do you agree?


31 thoughts on “It’s about the journey, not the destination – ROADTRIPPIN’ SLOVENIA

  1. Pablo

    I love this kind of posts! They make me want to travel so much which I’ll do as soon as I get some money and turn 18! I love getting new inspiration and adding new places to my bucketlist. Greetings from Spain ❤️🇪🇸


  2. Julka Lemska

    OMG! I follow you on Instagram (your_passport & your_passaga) and you are definitely my favourite account ❤ Now I found this blog . Thank you for doing it ! You are so optimistic, positive and full of good energy that you always make my day ! Can’t wait to see next photos from your journeys 😙

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Diosy

    It looks so nice! I’ve only been to Ljubljana (which I loved!) but the rest of the country looks really beautiful! Hopefully I’ll go back someday 🙂


  4. vatemala

    Krasno napisano. Potovanje s tem malim, a lepim in hitrim avtom, je izgleda posebno doživetje. Glede na to, da gre na električni pogon, je tudi prava stvar za pot v naravo. Komaj čakam, da ga nekoč preizkusom, morda celo kupim!


  5. shwetadave

    Such beautiful pictures to fall in love with, esp the soca river. I am so looking forward to my trip here now (that I will be doing soon 🙂 )


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