When our planet was created it spent a little extra time on Amalfi

Amalfi’s captivating landscapes and enchanting towns have long inspired film-makers. With its dramatic scenery and stark beauty, is particularly arresting, and a thrilling way to explore is in a gleaming vintage car. Don your shades and your headscarf, and set off from Positano on a journey worthy of an Oscar.

Which would you say is one of those places you really have to see at least once in your lifetime?


12 thoughts on “When our planet was created it spent a little extra time on Amalfi

  1. Victor

    Lara, first of all, beautiful couple, the pictures are amazing. You truly exemplify the wanderlust spirit. Thank you for sharing with us.




    Lepa je ta Italija..Sever in jug..Moram si vzeti čas in tudi sama obiskat vse te lepe uličice, zalivčke in seveda, restavracije z mediteransko hrano. Čudovite slike!


  3. Franco Drofenik

    Paradise on earth,your photos shows the beuthy of Earth it self, we will must to see this beutiful place,thanks for sharing, Drofeniks,USA



      Hi Franco, thank you so much! This place is otherworldly, you should totally come and see it for yourself! Thank you for following along, have a wonderful week! PS. Uroš says hi to all the family, pozdravi iz Slovenije xx


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