A day to remember with @IamSRILANKA

Planning our trip to Sri Lanka was not something easy to do. There are tons of places to see, things to do, temples, UNESCO sites, mountains, activities and visiting islands. One thing we knew for sure is that we wanted to discover something more, go the off beaten path. That is when we stumbled across a licensed tailor-made holiday specialists I AM SRILANKA on Instagram.

By going through their page, we could get an almost first-hand feeling of what it would be like to visit this paradise island and the testimonials from past visitors only added more credibility to their beautiful pictures and videos. So, we’ve decided to collaborate with them and oh boy, we loved it!

First of all, they’ve made everything so easy! They possess a quality that everyone would wish their holiday operator had mastered: a mind reading. They don’t believe in ready-made, one-size-fits all approaches to travel, rather that our tastes and interests are unique, ensuring our trip to match them! No need to explain them anything, they already have that feel for showing us Sri Lanka in an alternative light (may I add for whatever the budget). They customized our trip to the last detail (mix and match depending on our preferences), through listening to what we wanted, with an absolute commitment to quality.

Because we are so used to travel on our own at first we were afraid that it could be a challenge for us to have somebody else showing us around. We decided to let go off this time and follow their lead, which they’ve made very easy to do, proving just what they are known for: to be experts.

We’ve explained to them in the beginning that what we wanted most is to get to understand why they call Sri Lanka a beach-lover’s paradise. And they introduced us to the dazzlingly white and often untrodden beaches kissed by a tropical seas, nothing alike that we have ever seen before. Introducing us to the wild and unique locations with a very authentic feel, hidden beaches that are peaceful enough to relax was a very easy job for them. We would never stumble upon those largely untouched places without their guidance.

To make our travel experience even more evasive and truly fulfilling they surprised us with a kite-surfing lessons and a trip to most notable sites for diving in Sri Lanka – Hikkaduwa and Galle. There was so much to see including crayfish, moray eels, barracuda and other coral fish. Our boatman just seemed to have a sixth sense for where to anchor.

They also prepared us a late lunch on the boat, that was consisting mostly of fresh seafood. So yummy.

The only thing that went wrong that day was not having enough time to try out other experiences that can be enjoyed with them, such as: the hot air balloon riding, white-water rafting, rock climbing, whale or bird watching, caves exploring … Endless list of choices!

Honestly, we cannot wait to book an excursion with them once we come back to Sri Lanka again!

Oh, and in case you are looking for a perfect summer holiday too, click this link or email info@iamsrilanka.com or WhatsApp +94 77 227 6557 & thank us later.



❥ Xo, Lara & Uroš

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