Paris Getaway with Utopian Hotels

You and me and sweet Paris. We could start in the enticing patisseries & boulangeries (bakeries), dancing through the city’s vibrant art streets, browsing classical bistros and designer boutiques, lounging around beautiful parks and gardens, looking good on the top of the Eiffel tower. How long are we going away for? How about forever?

…These were my initial thoughts when Utopian Hotels invited us for a trip to one of the most romantic world’s cities. Read on about our little love affair with the City of Light. Continue reading “Paris Getaway with Utopian Hotels”

Revealing our personal travel hacks you didn’t know about

We were let loose on the world for two years now and we hoovered experiences left, right, and center. Into the adventure lab we went to test, analyze, and report back to ourselves. Unlike most travelers with scarce vacation time, we had 12 months per year to make mistakes and not worry about making the most of every spare minute. On the road, we’ve learned quite few tricks and decided to gather them all into a blog post. Well, not all really – we could go on forever – but here’s our quick cheat sheet for safe, comfortable, cheaper and worry-free travel. Read now, thank us later. Continue reading “Revealing our personal travel hacks you didn’t know about”

Monaco Travel Guide

Definitely one of the most unique places we’ve ever been to in our lives and most probably, nothing will or can ever compare to the luxurious hedonist’s experience we’ve had in Monte Carlo; not even Dubai or Singapore. Monaco is real glamour by the sea. Just the fact that 30 % of its population was a millionaire in 2014, makes your head spin. Along goes a highest life expectancy and 0 % employment rate, and not sure if any other place can brag about it. Continue reading “Monaco Travel Guide”